Soooooooo we sold our house.

It’s been a complete emotional roller coaster but Andrew and I are looking forward to whatever comes next while also trying to hop through the Sell-Your-House Obstacle Course. To me that includes doing what you can to accommodate the buyers and make them feel welcome. (Like making a gift basket!)

I have extreme emotions behind this thanks to the ogress lady we originally bought the house from. Her welcome gift included stolen items, garbage strewn about, and lies on the disclosure.

If you’ve been unlucky enough to go through something similar then you know how much it sucks and can I just say I am so sorry. Omg.

Maybe it seems naive since selling a house is a business transaction. It’s not like the goal is to make new friends so why bother? I get that but why not be extra kind to others even if it is a money exchange? Plus one could argue that business is all about value and throwing in a small unexpected welcome gift increases value so isn’t that what you want anyways? :)

Okay, enough about my reasonings. You want to put together a cute welcome basket for your buyers! What to put in it? You could try…

Gift card for pizza
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Water Bottles
Homemade Cookies
Garbage bags
Potted plant
Neighborhood cheat sheet

The neighborhood cheat sheet was my favorite part! I would have loved to have one when we moved in. I included cool places nearby (like an awesome library), non-gossipy info on the surrounding neighbors, and a welcome message.

Selling a home reminds me of the White House changing presidents. The previous administration can be jerks and making things difficult for the new president or they can proceed with grace and greatness and the whole country benefits.

Good luck to our Buyers! Hope you enjoy your new home. :)

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, February 16, 2017
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