DIY wall decals

how to make your own wall decals

In case you didn’t realize, in this house we are big LOTR fans! (For any poor, uninformed souls out there that’s an acronym for Lord of the Rings). Andrew tells me that even when he was little he wanted to paint a quote or map from the series on his bedroom wall but his Mom wouldn’t let him. He’s had to wait until he was grown-up and married to get one which I find hilarious. Heehee…

I’ve mentioned before (in this post) how much I love wall decals and also how much I hate their price. This is my newest method of making a wall “decal” for next to nothing and the best part is everything from the font to the arrangement of the words is customizable by you. Now that’s my kind of project!

You will need:
Favorite quote
Your choice of text editor
Wall paint (I used leftovers from other rooms of our apartment)
Small artists brush

DIY wall decals

Design your quote. You can use any image editor you want, but I used Adobe Illustrator. Gimp, Photoshop, Inkscape or even Microsoft Paint will all work just fine. If you save your quote as an image, it makes the process quicker in the end!

DIY home decor projects

Connect your computer to a projector and position the projected image on the wall where you want the quote. (Like how we used the dish drain?)

projected words on wall

One trick I used was to set the image with the quote as the background of my computer. That way I could ensure that the projected image wouldn’t zoom in if someone bumped the computer. Now turn off all other the lights in the room.

cheap wall decals

Trace the outline of the text lightly on the wall with a pencil.

DIY wall decals

 Once the quote has been traced on the wall, begin using paint to fill in the outlines. (Afterwards, if you notice any pencil marks that weren’t covered with paint, you can lightly erase them after the paint has dried).

do it yourself wall decals

For Narnia….
May the force be with you…
Long live the King!



  1. Allison, August 17, 2015 at 12:47 pm:

    Do you happen to still have the file or the fonts you used for this quote?

    • Mollie, August 26, 2015 at 1:27 pm:

      Sorry, Allison I don’t. Next time I’ll be sure to include the lay-out as a free down load.

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