Eggs, toast and cereal for breakfast? April Fools!

While everything on this plate could be found on a breakfast menu nothing is as it seems. Pancakes pretend to be toast, cheese and apricots masquerade as eggs, and yogurt with Chex cosplays as a bowl of cold cereal.

I love this goofy April Fools day breakfast because it’s super fun and a full meal people will actually want to eat. (No molded candy or dyed green milk.) Just good food with a twist.

That’s my kind of April Fools prank!

You Will Need:
Apricot halves
Provolone cheese
Dry Cereal

For the eggs: I’ll let you figure this one out. :)

For the Cereal: Spoon yogurt in a bowl and arrange the dry cereal on top. I like to bury a few pieces so it looks more like a bowl of milk.

Sneaky sneaky…

For the toast: You’ve got two options here depending on your patience and/or pancake skills. Number one option is making a regular round pancake and then using a knife to cut out the shape of a bread slice. (I think this is the easiest way.)

Number two option is try your hand at making bread slice shaped pancakes. This way looks best to me but it took quite a few tries to get the hang of “drawing” with pancake batter.

Okay, sneaksters, arrange your plate and you’re ready to go. Comment below and tell me who you plan on pranking with this silly breakfast!

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, March 30, 2017